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Twitter "pray for me" project

The Mission Statement
It is our desire to open the world of prayer to all in need, This is to include everyone no matter what background or Circumstance they might find themselves in.
 Without judgment Christian or not. To let the world know that there are people in this world that has great faith when ours may be lagging.
To pray the gift of faith with the grace of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.
To allow anyone without fear of persecution or judgment to openly ask for prayer to give prayers as Jesus taught us all to do not just preachers teachers and evangelist and priest We believe prayer is for every one that asks!


#1 Find someone on this list to pray for and pray for them…

#2 It’s important to let them know about the prayer so they can receive Faith, Hope & love..

To stay Anonymous : click “reply” by their tweet then  copy & past this message:

We are all praying for you at:

Or if you would like to make your contact a personal message then click “ View Tweet”  link and you will be taken to your personal twitter page so you may communicate with that person.

We fill the contact is very important : most everyone that visits this page was on our prayer list at one time and remember how good you felt when you got that surprising “we are all praying” message. This is the very reason we call it “prayer forward project “  God bless you all!


Just ask the lord Jesus to bless the people above...
give the gift of your faith in Jesus to a person crying out for help right now. 
What you ask yourself is:
Why are you here right now?
 and are you going to pray for these people that are asking for help all over the cyber world right now?

or just pray with me in agreement click and pray this with me ... every word is in the bible this every day until you here your direction ... give only if and only if you fill the lord telling you to....
I believe in you...Jesus when the least of these...Jesus
i am crying out ...Jesusdo you are right here right now for a reason..
if the weak in faith can't here me but you with strong faith can.Jesus. then we can still help them by working together

"Give! and it shall be given unto you" ...Jesus
you are not obligated to give:
 God's grace is 100% free for you!
but there are reasons you might consider giving a small part of your life back to helping outhers as well...
Donate any amount you would like.  as a thank you lord!(Grace)
or as a seed of your (Faith) on your prayer request
 Or just because you would like to help outhers "giving fowward" (love) evidence of (Hope)

God Bless ..."you"
in everything you do and remember  "stay humble not poor"
 "Jesus would like you to prosper even as he prospers"
getting the word out ...

Refresh this page to see more people asking you to pray for them
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